Rebuilding the Economy and Lowering Taxes

Joe’s leadership built an industry hospitality service company which he operated for over 26 years. During his tenure as CEO, Joe was proud to have employed thousands of people and understands what it takes to make businesses successful!  Always looking for ways to improve and achieve, Joe advanced his education and graduated from the prestigious Harvard OPM Program.  He is committed to take his leadership skills and life experiences along with our shared values to win in Washington.  He will address the supply chain infrastructure, slash energy prices, make your streets safe again and simplify the complex laws and regulations that choke the life out of small businesses.


Putting Parents Back in Charge of their Children’s Education

Parents and teachers once worked together as a well-oiled team to mentor our children’s educational excellence.  Now, radical Washington politics is being shoved down the throats of our District!  Our children are suffering.  Furthermore, parents are being targeted as "Domestic Terrorists" for simply caring and speaking up.  As a strong advocate for parental rights, Joe will put you, the parent, back in charge of your children’s education!  Joe has been a champion for parent’s rights at school board meetings and will prohibit government overreach of targeting concerned parents as domestic terrorists!  Joe willshake the halls of Congress and carry our shared values to Washington.


Protecting Our Community and Keeping Our Families Safe

As violent crime has soared, it's no secret that the "Defund Police" weak-kneed politicians have put your family's safety in grave danger.  In nearby Chicago, the “blood in the streets” caused by radical political ideology that empowers criminals over police has spiraled out of control.  Joe will have the backs of our law enforcement officers. Strong leadership coupled with the right policies will make window shopping in the mall a pleasurable experience once again. 


Believe In term limits

3 Terms in the House of Representatives ( 6 years ), 2 Terms in the Senate ( 12 years ). I believe that the legislation could by passed by allowing the current members in Congress to be grandfathered and not subjected to the limit.