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Meet Joe

Joe Severino is running for Illinois' 10th Congressional District to protect parental rights, stop inflation, lower taxes for working families, make our streets safer, close our borders, while creating economic opportunities in the district.  Joe does not believe government should be involved in women's healthcare and is for ALL people.

Joe was a small business owner for 25 years and understands how to encourage business investment and job creation. He is a philanthropist with a strong desire to help others. He established and personally funded a children’s foundation, as well as many other charities. Joe has 5 children and is married for over 20 years.


To help all children succeed, Joe will focus on competitive reading, writing, and arithmetic while shifting away from divisive social agendas.  Joe will fight for a parent’s right to be involved in all aspects of their children’s health and education.


Joe is a staunch advocate for women’s rights. He recognizes how radical culture has virtually destroyed Title IX, which was enacted to prevent gender discrimination and to provide girls with equal athletic opportunity.  Joe will fight for Title IV rights for girls in sports and scholarships, as well as to restore women’s privacy rights.


Reestablishing public safety and protecting you from violence is another of Joe’s priorities.  Joe will use the tools of his office to restore order, protect your loved ones and instill the confidence for businesses to invest back in our communities.

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